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Standing for an hour or longer can be difficult, especially for older people or anyone with knee or back issues. anti fatigue floor mats are one solution.

What Is An Anti Fatigue Mat?

anti fatigue mats are designed specifically to reduce foot stress, and because of this, they are also able to reduce the pain and discomfort from knee and back problems for anyone who has to stand for an extended period of time. These mats are typically comfortable to stand on, and are also non slip, making them ideal for different types of working environment. Mats come in different sizes and thicknesses, making it easy to find the ideal mat. As the name suggests, the mat can prevent the tiredness that often accompanies sore feet, aching joints or other symptoms arising from being on your feet all day.

Click here for anti fatigue floor mats

Who Might Use One of These Mats?

Of course, anyone who routinely stands on their feet for an extended period of time can benefit from using one of these mats in their home, workshop or garage. If your job involves standing in the same spot washing dishes, sorting parts or placing and removing items on a conveyor belt, one of these mats can be extremely useful. Anti Fatigue mats are also beneficial to anyone who works in a garage, or at a stove or workbench. And it isn't just professionals who can benefit from one or more of these mats; they can be used in the home too, and if you find yourself standing in front of a workbench, kitchen table or craft table, they can help to make the experience a lot more comfortable and less tiring.

Choosing the Right Anti Fatigue Mat

As mentioned previously, mats are available in different sizes, allowing you to find one to perfectly fit even the smallest space. And you can also place two or more mats together to form a walking area in your kitchen, garage or workshop. Some mats are considered more suited for heavy industrial use, while others are a better option for light or occasional use. Regardless of the mat you buy, look for one that is at least 3/8 of an inch thick, and one that can be easily washed or wiped clean. A tapered edge to the mat also makes it less likely that you will trip over it, something that is a surprisingly common problem with mats that are an inch thick.